I Want a Minigun

Actually my goal is to fire off shots at a higher rate so it seems like I am carrying a Minigun. This want/need lead to me retraining my Marksmanship talents again. Yes, I went back to Hunter Dwarf School at Ironforge to learn the talent Rapid Killing. I tuned back my Volley damage to gain Rapid Killing.

Rapid Killing affects Rapid Fire which is a learned spell that increases your ranged attack speed by 40% for 15 seconds. Rapid Killing reduces the cool down of Rapid Fire. This in turns means you will be able to use Rapid Fire more often. Another benefit is the 10% boost to the damage of Arcane, Chimera, and Aimed shots for 20 seconds if your previous kill will grant you honor or experience. Yes, this does still apply at maximum level.

I am also trained in Improved Aspect of the Hawk. Combine said talent with Rapid Fire, connected to Rapid Killing, and all manner of beast and humanoids get mowed down really fast.

I need to go buy some more Mammoth Cutters.


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