The Legend of the Ghost Saber

Hanging out at the Exodar is cool if you need a secluded place to meditate or get away from it all. The place is remote, except for the pier.

Once I made my initial trip to Darkshore I heard whispers about a beast that was un-tameable. Impossible I thought. I can tame or train to tame many differing beast. However, the Inn Keeper assured me that what was spoken of was no ordinary beast. It was a beast of legend that was only seen in glimpses haunting the shore. It moved as swiftly as the wind, or could be as still as the midnight hour. It was a taming challenge that I could not resist. The hunt was on for the Ghost Saber.

I mounted my Elekk headed towards the Ruins of Mathystra. Guess who I found in the area? Naga. How I hate Naga. I locked and loaded. There is nothing like some fish eating hot lead. Once I cleared an area I started my search for the cat figurines.

I must have shaken, crushed, and rubbed twenty at figurines, yet the ghost saber refused to show himself.I started thinking that I owed the Inn Keeper a bullet to the head for the presumed tall tale. Then it happened. I got knocked on my butt by the ghost saber while handling figurine number twenty something. Quickly, I started taming him while getting slapped around like a Murloc out of water.

The taming process was successful. I now had a ghost saber as a companion, but he’s a ghost. Time for some research. As we headed back to Darkshore my ghost saber collapsed. I dashed to the nearby river to get some water. I poured it on him, but it just all landed on the ground. I could not pick him up to carry him. He’s a ghost. This was a very strange and stressful predicament.

I sat on a rock with my hands on my face trying to think of things to do to bring my ghost saber back to life. Suddenly I felt a wallop on the side of my head. A wallop of a wet tongue from my ghost saber. He was alive. Was it a miracle? I don’t know, but I did thank the Light. I offered him a piece of meat not knowing if a ghost saber could actually eat or not. To my surprise he ate it. What craziness was this?

I took my ghost saber to Velen. I needed answers. Velen assured me that my ghost saber would live and long life, and he would be in many battles by my side. I was to treat him as I would any other pet. He needed a name. A name that would speak of his lethality and specialness.

I welcomed Hollowpoint to my stable.

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