230 is my magic number. It is that number that makes bosses quiver and shiver. It makes Edwin VanCleef  wish he could actually get his boat out of the Deadmines. 230 means that none of my shots miss. I am a true marksman.

Heroism, a Draenei racial talent, gives me a 1% boost to my hit rating. I did not spend any points on the talent Focused Aim. Instead my hit rating comes from my gear (iLevel 200 mostly) and the use of gems to hit 230. I use gems because I am a jewelcrafter. I do not have the enchant Precision on my gloves. Instead i went with Crusher due to becoming hit cap.

Staying at the hit cap when adding new gear is hard. I have had to re-gem once already when I bought the Belt of Ardent Marksmenship. Some people pass on upgrades due to it causing them to drop below the hit cap. Don’t do that. Just take some time, do some elementary math, and a little research on gems/enchants. You’ll get back to the cap in no time.

For each race that can choose to be a hunter, and depending on which talents you take, your hit cap number could be the same or different. I used Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer to find out what my hit cap is.

Hit cap mainly affects the PVE side of things. Dungeon bosses hate it when you are hit capped. No missed shots and higher DPS. What more could a hunter ask for (rhetorical question)?

If you are not at the max level yet, you need not worry much about the hit cap. If you can get a little, great. If not, you’re okay. I did not reach the hit cap until reaching level 80 and being able to get my hands on some iLevel 200 gear. You can get the gear you need via the Auction House, Heroic Dungeon loot, cashing out emblems, and vendor purchases from various factions.


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