Put on Notice

I, Nochecazador, hereby put all Heroic Dungeon bosses on notice. I am hit capped (my hit cap is 230, I’m at 232). This means you will be eating Mammoth Cutter bullets for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert if I am in the group that seeks out to destroy you. I don’t plan on not being hit capped anytime soon. I have planned a couple of upgrades that will keep me at the cap, but still improve my DPS.

I don’t feel sorry for you bosses. As a matter of fact you can thank Gal’darah from Gundrak for supplying me the gear I needed to meet my goal. He had a bounty on his head last night (Daily Heroic). I collected said bounty with a PUG and he had the Grips of the Beast God waiting for me too. Lucky me, unlucky future bosses.

I cut myself a Pristine Monarch Topaz (orange gem) to set into the available red gem slot. Therefore, I also got the slot bonus of +4 hit. The Grips of the Beast God received the Crusher enchant too. Crusher gives +44 attack power.

Tremble in fear bosses. I’m hunting you.

Side Note:
Thank you @Brigwyn for answering a couple of my questions last night on Twitter.


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