The Advantages of Mining

I am a Grandmaster Miner and the position comes with a few good perks. Of Course its one of the dirtiest jobs one can do, but the potential dividends make the effort worth it. Lets take a look at those perks now.

Needed Tools
Pick Axe or Gnomish Army Knife (I suggest getting the Gnomish Army Knife as soon as you can. It has various other uses.)
Mining Bag (I use two one bank slots for a mining bag. This helps me to keep my bank a little more organized due to only mining supplies being able to go in said bag. I suggest getting the largest you can afford.)

Easy Peasy
Mining is an easy skill to level. Wherever you’re questing there are bound to be nodes to mine. This includes dungeons too. The only exception is leaving a good mining area to soon. You may have to go back mine the area a little more to train for the next level of mining.

Mining makes you tough. You’re stronger so you last longer. For a hunter, the extra stamina boost also translates over to your pet. The boost may not seem like much, bit every little bit helps right?

Three professions need ore. They are Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, and Engineering. Most of the time anyone doing one of these professions will also be a miner or know a miner, but lets face facts. Not everyone wants to take the time to mine the amount of ore they need to craft something. This is very true when the buyer is building up their skill. All ore can be profitable. Let me say it again. All ore can be profitable.

An example of excellent profitability: I was traveling through Searing Gorge on my way to pick on Coren Direbrew during the Brewfest Celebration. I came upon a Mithril node. From mining it I recieved three Mithril ore and one Citrine gem. I listed both on at the Auction House in Ironforge that same night. The next day in my mail I received approximately 5 gold for the three mithril ore and 15 gold for the Citrine.That’s easy money.

The only time I don’t make money mining is when I am using it to level my own professions.

The Hardest Ore to Mine
In my opinion and experience Thorium is the hardest ore to level because it can be hard to find in plentiful amounts. Rarest of the rare is Khorium. From my experience if you are looking for ore to level your mining skill you will need a lot more Thorium versus Khorium. Needing Thorium actually caused me to spend some extra time in the zones of Winterspring, Searing Gorge, and Burning Steepes. Maxing out the your skills on Thorium will help your transition to Fel Iron ore once you get to Outlands.

Helpful Addons
Gatherer – Helps to find nodes, plus mark them for easy re-tracking
Auctioneer or AuctionLite – For selling ore at the Auction House
Postal – Makes handling incoming Auction House payments or expired auctions a snap


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  1. Nice post. I love reading things that aren’t focused on raiding.

    Thorium sucks, no question about it. If you really want Thorium though, the location to hit is Sillithus. It and Winterspring are your two best sources.

    The problem I find most often with Thorium is that by the time you’re ready to be in the areas where you can mine it, you’re also getting ready to jump into Outlands and don’t want to wait around mining ore when you could be getting a lot more experience, and way better gear.

    When selling ore on the AH it’s also good to note the prices of both the ore and the bars as sometimes people pay more for bars than they do the ore.

    • Thanks.

      I hate Sillithus. The sound of the bugs contstantly weirds me out. You are right though that Thorium is there to be had. A plus is most like a miner will little to no competition.

      True that about the jump to Outlands. Plus, you know receive less of a raise from smelting.

      You’re right about the price comparison between ores and bars. It’s all supply and demand in the end.

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