The Macho of a Ferocity Pet

Lets face the facts folks. Ferocity pets are just plain macho. Cunning pets may be like Houdini at times, but they have a milk like expiration date. Tenacity pets may be able to withstand an onslaught for a longer period of time, but using them is like watching paint dry on a 96% humid day. Ferocity pets are like a BMW M3 wide open on the Autobahn, beautiful to behold, dangerous to tangle with.

Ferocity pets strike fear into the enemy’s heart. The thoughts of a self healing major damage dealing pet lingers in their mind and they may think twice before they attack. Making the enemy think twice is never a bad thing.

Seriously, which scares you more, a turtle or a sabre? I’m going with the sabre. It can prowl upon you and strike with a serious rake. The turtle. Well, it has a shield. A shield. Yup, it has a shield. I know this is not a fair comparison, but it is a comparison none the less.

Let’s take a look at the wolf. When you see the wolf you know you’re facing a hunter that is going to get an automatic DPS increase upon his/her base DPS. Plus the wolf gets the bonus too. Can you counter the DPS increase? Nope.

Thanks to Pike of  Aspect of the Hare, I was able to spec my cat and wolf to bring the pain. They are as macho as macho is.

I’m not going into the details here of each talent. Pike has already done an excellent job of that on her site.

In the future there could be a big gift wrapped present coming in the form of more talent points. Yes, we will be getting five more levels as hunters. It only stands to reason that our pets will get at least two more talent points. More macho indeed.


  • Any deriding of a particular pet or pet talent tree made above was/is in jest.
  • I did not show the pet talent tree for Beastmastery due to my main ferocity pets being assigned point totals outside of the Beastmastery talented point bonus.

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