Which Pet to Use…Decisions Decisions

I often have to make a decision on which pet to use when grouping with others. I have a diverse stable to choose from, so  I prefer to take the pet that will be most helpful to the entire group first and then to myself.

Here are some situational examples:

Running a dungeon with a tank that has never done the dungeon or is fairly new to tanking: My bear Smokey gets to make the run. Why? Because Smokey can hold threat in case something happens to the tank. Smokey should be able to buy the group enough time to get out of trouble or get the tank back into action. He has both Thunderstomp and Swipe available to use due to them being key threat building and maintaining abilities for a tenacity pet. Swipe is particular to bears, but all tenacity pets can get Thunderstomp once they are able to talent for it.

For solo running: More than likely you will see Hollowpoint and I together. Hollowpoint is a ghost sabre, hence the name. He does back up his name very well, putting out a good bit of DPS and self healing. I once had a druid friend who was healing a small group we were in notice that Hollowpoint’s health was not changing or that it would go down and return very quickly. She thought something was wrong. I explained to her that he can self-heal (it’s a small heal) while in battle depending upon critical strikes happening. She said, “wow,” and my other friend coughed and said, “OP.” I laughed.

Breaking out the Damage Per Second (DPS): Maximus is the pet I bring along when I am truly going full tilt DPS. As long as I feel secure that a group knows how to handle itself, and everyone knows their role, I will go for maximum DPS output. Maximus’ Furious Howl ability is a DPS gravy train automatically boosting Attack Power (AP) every 45 seconds.

When grouping I don’t get all arrogant and say which pet I am bringing because of such and such. Most of the time if I can tell which pet to bring by the conversation that is taking place leading up to taking care of business. One time I was asked to off tank/co-tank due to my high level for the given dungeon. Smokey was the obvious choice. Another group wanted me to bring my best DPS. Maximus got the call.

Some of you are saying, but you have two other pets. What about them? Kerberos and Blaze are for my Beastmastery (BM) fun side. I don’t go into dungeons or use my BM spec in group settings. The one exception is battlegrounds. However, I do admit to feeling very awkward with the various shot selections of Marksman (MM).

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