Maximus is a wolf with a lot of heart. He is a warrior through and through. However, he could not always be trusted and it took a long time for us to develop a strong bond.

I plotted the capture and retraining of Maximus over a month’s time. What better way could there be to strike fear into the Horde if I could turn one of their own war driven dogs against them? I knew Maximus was part of a group of Shattered Hand Warhounds responsible for patrolling and protecting the Ramparts. I just needed a team to infiltrate the area and subdue those in the way of my goal.

Once I was ready for the journey into the Ramparts I waited at Honor Hold hoping for a group of willing adventurers. Afterall, the feat of capturing and taming Maximus would take a group willing to handle the coordination and planning. I found four death knights that were eager to help with the task. The grouping was risky, but all of us understood the danger, and were excited by the difficulty. With two tanks,  and no real healer we got to work.

We entered the Ramparts battling our way through the first few orc guards. The death knights destroyed everything in their path. It was pure fun mayhem to witness. I spent a lot of time watching my threat level due to being more advanced than the death knights at the art of killing, and I did not have a pet. One to many aimed or arcane shots, and I would see the train (gang of orcs) coming to run me over. Plus, I felt a little naked without a pet.

As we rounded the corner there he was patrolling, Maximus. The group went over the plan again to make sure everyone was on the same page before executing the capture. Our plan was to crowd control Maximus (that was my job) until we could defeat all of the other adversaries. We had to work fast, maintain the AOE damage at the proper range to avoid breaking the crowd control, and deal with the yellow bellied orcs that would run for help once close to defeat. Once everyone was ready we proceeded.

Our first attempt did not go so well. We had everything under control until one death knight got a little Death Grip happy. He threw the threat levels out of whack, which in turn broke Maximus’ attention to me. Maximus got away, and we had to take out an orc caster that was reaping mayhem on us. Thankfully one of the death knights put up his Anti-Magic Zone, otherwise we all would have been going to the twisted nether. We made sure the area was clear, did some healing with food and bandages, went over the plan again, and said no use of Death Grip. We also made another adjustment. I would solely focus on crowd controlling and taming Maximus.

During the second attempt I focused everything on Maximus. He was not getting away a second time. I ignored the pounding in the back I was taking from some orc grunt, hoping one of the death knights would peel him off of me. Plus, Maximus had gotten free of his icy crowd control and began to shred through my armour. He was going for the kill and I was going for the tame. Suddenly the orc on my back goes flying away. I’m shocked by his sudden departure, but then notice that Maximus is in pursuit too. I think oh no, not again. The Death Grip had saved me, but had it also lead to me losing Maximus again.

The orc grunt fell to the blade of one of the death knights and all was quiet. No more screams of pain or war yells. No more grasping arms of the undead slowing orcs, and no more tearing away of my armour by Maximus. The Anti-Magic Zone, which I had been outside of the whole time faded. Out of the fading zone came Maximus charging towards me. Was he my friend or foe? The death knights stood at the ready to dispatch him. He tackled me sniffing at my bag. I gave him the clefthoof meat that was in it for this occasion.

High fives spread around to everyone. Could the Horde envision one of their own trusted creatures now attacking them? We could not wait to find out. We cleared the entire place with Maximus at our side. He lived up to being a trained warhound.

It took a long time and lots of battles for the trust to become rock solid between us. Maximus  became and still is one of my most trusted companions till this day.

LOK’TAR OGAR (Victory or Death). Maximus truly understands the concept.


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  1. That’s one of the coolest things I’ve read all week. Nicely done.

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