Into the Gundrak Finally

After waiting for weeks on end to get into Gundrak, I finally happened upon a pick up group (PUG) in the trade channel looking for some DPS. I asked for an invite and was on my way to the summoning stone quickly.

While in flight, I swapped my ammo, changing out the frostbite bullets for mammoth cutters. Just in case you’re wondering I use the frostbite bullets for everyday stuff, but the mammoth cutters come out for dungeon runs etc.

The PUG consisted of a druid bear tanking, a rogue for melee DPS, a druid using moonkin aka boomkin for DPS, a resto druid for healing, and myself in marksmanship spec. The tank asked me to use misdirection on him. That alone made him my hero (tanks that understand some of your functions are sometimes hard to find).

We completed the full clear run in about 30 minutes or less with one casualty on the last boss. Maximus took a charge putting him out of action for the last bit of the fight. I did pull aggro once, but popping Feign Death took care of that quickly. It also may have been the reason Maximus got knocked out. I think he was next on the threat list due to the rogue using Tricks of the Trade and him hitting the boss with a critical strike at the moment I used Feign Death.

I passed on all of the blue level loot except the Drakkari Hunting Bow. I asked if I could roll need on it and got a yes from everyone. It’s way better than the bow I had in reserve. If someone else needed it I would have passed. Now if only it had a gem slot.

Looks like it might be time to finally step up to doing heroics. I love dungeon runs.


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