Back to the Basin

I ended up back in the Basin today, but I did not search for Loque’nahak. I’m actually a little put off by the spirit beast and his mysterious ways at this point. Instead of actually looking for him I am working on reputation with the Oracles and mining ore for use with blacksmithing. Moodle is so much fun to have around. If I happen to come across Loque’nahak, I will do my best to tame him, but I am starting to have a hang up.

I am getting attached more and more to Blaze. I’m glad he does not have a real smoking habit, but he does have that fire. Blaze is a temporary adoption, but if he reaches level 80, he may become a keeper. Besides, it’s hard to knock the attack power gain from his furious howl. He and Maximus, my other wolf,  know how to bring the pain.

Decisions are sometimes tough when it comes to pets.


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