Tanks That Don’t Understand

I don’t like it when tanks don’t understand my role. I’m the range damage dealer aka DPS, crowd control, save the healer, save the party person you invited along on this little trip into the depths of whatever dungeon.

I understand kill the skull first, but do you understand that the healer pulled aggro and I used my pet to pull the mob off the healer so you would live, which means we all live. Yes, I ate a few hits in doing so, but the group survived.

Mr./Ms. Tank, you are not the only one with an Area of Effect (AOE) ability. As a matter of fact I love bringing the rain when the situation calls for or allows it. All of the numbers make me fell all giddy. By the way Mr./Ms. Tank, who was it that silenced that arcane missile barrage that you were eating like it was going out of style.

I understand just blasting our way through things like a train with no brakes, but a little crowd control may save the healer some stress, since at times Mr./Ms. Tank you are one magical critical hit away from being eighty-sixed. In the battle of plate versus magic, magic always wins.

Mr./Ms. Tank I am so glad you had to eat humble pie on the final boss. You asked did everyone know the fight. Everyone gave you a cornball answer. I put misdirect on you and blasted the target as hard as I could. Your aggro was higher than the Empire State Building. You were the only one to die. I call that justice served with a cherry on top.

Happy Labor Day you pain in the butt. Otherwise, it was a good run.


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