A Conversation with Moodle

Moodle: There some reason why we’re still here? I’d love to hear it.”

Nochecazador: Moddle, please be patient. I am clearing some bag space for the quest, and looking for a scroll or two. It’ll make things a little easier in case we run into trouble.

Moodle: Yeah, let’s go now.

Nochecazador: Okay, Blaze and I are ready.

Moodle: What the heck are shiny rabbits doing here anyway?

Nochecazador: That’s a great question.

Moodle: Here I am, digging up some useless bauble on the will of someone I just met…does that seem right to you?

Nochecazador: I carry a gun so my answer is yes it does seem right. I’m a hunter not a philosopher.

Moodle: Hey, maybe we’ll find some more useless bugs!

Nocheczadora: Useless? That’s pure entertainment seeing you eat those things.

Moodle: Planning to sit on your butt some more, or are we going to go do something that’s actually useful?

Nochecazador: I’m refueling the body little dude. Just relax. We will be moving again real soon.

Moodle: Yay… more dirt.

Nochecazador: That was the last one. Lets head back to the village to drop this stuff off. Then we’ll go kick some Frenzyheart butt.

Moodle: Yeah, let’s go now.


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