The Search Takes a Backseat Sort of

The search for Loque’nahak is taking a slight backseat to helping a friend of mine with his Alchemy profession training. He needs Saronite; A lot of Saronite to transmute into Titanium.

Saronite is plentiful and fairly cheap at the Auction House, but why should he have to spend the gold when I can help him out. Besides, I can use the titanium and if it helps him to save up for the mammoth mount he desires then I am all for it.

I will get exalted with the Oracles, the silly little big tongue guys, and train Blaze more.


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  1. You know that Saronite to Titanium has a cooldown right?

  2. He knows about the cool down. It’s not as bad as things use to be in Vanilla from what I understand. He asked me to help and it’s the last recipe he has that will level he says.

    I just don’t understand the needing of 8 bars. Maybe 4, but 8. Ouch.

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