Nochecazador in a Terocone Shell

Nochecazador lost his family, an excellent clan of hunters, during the fighting with the Burning Legion. The family, which included his younger brother, mother, and father were all lost during the destruction that created Hellfire Peninsula. Nochecazador still finds himself replaying memories from time to time while resting on some of the floating debris at the edges of the peninsula when he visits.

Nochecazador used his hunting skills to maximize his weapons training, which was in high demand as the fighting against the Burning Legion intensified. He is healthy and physically imposing, with excellent marksmanship and beast mastering abilities for a hunter. He keeps his equipment in top shape.

To help enhance his weaponry and abilities more, Nochecazador took up jewelcrafting and mining. The endurance gained from long days of mining, coupled with the mastery of enhancing his equipment with jewels of potent power, he has become a lethal hunter to any target.

The crash into Azeroth is not a fond memory for Nochecazador. He had already lost much and now he was in a strange place with what seemed to be dangers lurking around every corner. To cope he grabbed whatever weapon he could find and helped setup security parameters, rescue missions and patrols. He dispatched quite a few beast and many more Blood Elves during the recovery period.

Nochecazador always spent most of his time honing his marksmanship skills with some of the best crossbows he could get his hands on. However, once he met the Dwarfs of Ironforge, he trained and fell in love with the gun. He also trained with the Night Elves on usage of the bow, but finds the mechanics of the gun more to his liking.

Not having full access to the beast of his former home to tame for hunting, Nochecazador adopted to mastering the beast of Azeroth to met his hunting needs. He keeps a strong stable of pets that can perform at the top of their abilities in all situations. He trains them rigorously, often defeating targets that seem to be of a superior nature.

Adopting to Azeroth has taken time, but Nochecazador has done very well. He even lets close friends call him Noche, given his full name can be a mouth full. He fights for Azeroth now as he did Draenor. Evil can not hide from the night hunter. In the darkness he brings the Light.


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